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We're back and we hope to make it better than ever! Thank you to our Community for making it possible. We couldn't have done it without you.

Beer Philosophy

Like any great creator, our head brewer works backward to deconstruct a recipe, to maximize the flavor and impact of each ingredient. From our sours to our Vienna lagers, each style is crafted with our customers in mind. We have big plans to brew up over thirty world-class beers without edges, each of distinct quality and style. We can't wait to share our beer with you soon. These are some of our very first brews and you'll see them make an appearance every now and again.


Part Time Genius

Hazy IPA | ABV 7%

I think its so funny to be a part time genius. That means I am really smart sometimes, but not all the time. I think most of us fall into this category! We designed a hazy ipa that is full of super juicy fruit notes with a ton of soft wheat and oats to create the bang’n Tropical Hazy IPA.

Georgia Airport Beer

Lager | ABV 5.5%

You know that feeling at the airport bar and you're going somewhere fun and you order a clean lager with some color. That's the feeling we created with our light airport Lager. It has clean toasty notes with a fresh malt backbone.


Taxidermy Porter

Porter | ABV 6%

We plan to do a ton of  Porters and Stouts. We like our Porters and Stouts to be big and creamy with roasted coffee and soft chocolate notes. So that's what we did with this one. There's a lot of wiggle room in the style guidelines for this style but not for us. Our Porter is packed full of roasted and chocolate malts with loads of cereal and coffee notes.


Kenny Lagers

Lager | ABV 5.2%

We love the sweet pipes and of course we are completely jealous of the hair on the one and only Mr. Kenny Loggins so we created a lightly hoppy lager with him in mind. This beer will sing. It’s yellow and clean with a nice inverted citra hop finish and would make mavrick and goose proud.


Yellow River Wheat

Wheat Beer | ABV 5%

We have so many neighborhoods around us that have access to the Yellow River. Because we are a neighborhood spot we decided to create a local easy drinking neighborhood beer. We call this a “Wednesday beer” or basically an everyday beer. Its a light yellow wheat beer with orange zest that is super drinkable. 

Little Llama Root Beer

Non-Alcoholic Root Beer 

I was headed up to my girl's room to read a book before bed and she said “Daddy, I have a name for the root beer".  "Can we call it Llama root beer” so we did. This is a fun Root Beer with lots of flavor of sweet candy, spice, and a kiss of fresh mint.